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Meet Our Team

Maria Amaya

Agency Owner 

I started working in the insurance industry back in 2003 and the fact that I enjoy helping my customers navigate the difficult moments as well as the happy ones is the reason I stayed in this profession. Educating people about life’s unknowns and giving them options to protect against them makes my job very rewarding.

I immigrated to Texas from Mexico, where I lived for the first 12 years of my life and have been residing in TX for over 35 years. Prior to starting the insurance profession I also worked as Realtor for about 9 yrs where I found great joy in seeing people’s smile after they found their dream home.

I am a proud grandmother and the one thing I value and cherish the most is spending time reading or playing  with my 4 yr old grandson. My weekends are for cooking and enjoying a meal with friends and family or just catching up with everyone around us.

When expressing myself, I like to include popular Mexican sayings. I find that it helps me transmit my message in a faster and more concise way and it’s something I learned from my grandmother so I feel as if i am continuing a legacy.

I have volunteered with Tarrant Food Bank and Bridges Mentoring Program as I believe in the importance of giving back to the community.

Mayra Menchaca

Operations Manager

I first started working in the insurance industry when I was 18 as a receptionist and worked my way up. I have a passion for coaching others and I get a thrill from watching my team succeed. The most exciting thing about my position is being able to be in a position where we can really make a difference in the lives of others. The processes we have and the decisions we make to help clients understand the importance of protecting their loves ones is fascinating. We face so many risks everyday and it is my responsibility to help coach my team to help others make the right decisions to better protect their families.

I was born in Mexico and my mother and Sister brought me to the Texas when I was 4 years old in pursuit of the American dream and grew up in Fort Worth, TX . My original plan was to complete a degree in Criminal Justice but I found a new passion in the insurance industry.

My kids are my WHY I want them to have all the opportunities I didn’t have. I want to be able to provide for them so they can follow their dreams. When I am not working, I enjoy singing Karaoke or dancing salsa and being outdoors!

I am also a sucker for Chocolate and I really enjoy fishing.

Ana Lopez
Licensed Sales and Life Associate

Associate Agent

I love being part of the Amaya Premier Agency because I feel that being in a position that allows me to protect others the way I want to be protected is what it gives me the best satisfaction. Educating customers about the importance of insurance and helping them understand the benefits is part of what I  can contribute to this company. One of the things I enjoy the most is seeing the customer satisfaction that they have with our staff.

I grew up in Mexico and moved to Texas at the age of 13. I continued my education at middle school and was able to learn English as a second language.
When I am not working, the most enjoyable time I have is  with my family at home. I am also part of a self-help group that allows me to help others who are going through difficult times.

Evelyn Lopez

Associate Agent

As a Sales and Life Associate, I like understanding our customers’ situations as the best way to advise them is finding out what their situation is, either economically or socially. I enjoy getting to know our customers, and having a good agent-customer relationship. I love my job! It is satisfying to help our customers make the right decision to protect their family.
I grew up in Mexico, and came to the USA back in 2001, where I continued my education, and graduated from TCC on 2007. Every day is an opportunity to learn, and this industry has given me that opportunity.
One of my favorite things to do is going to the movie theater, and having some fun with my family. When I have some extra time, I like practicing on my guitar, as I really enjoy the sound of music.

Laura Amaya
Retention Specialist

Associate Agent

I have been working in insurance since 2016. I got my start along side Maria Amaya when she worked for another insurance agency. What most excites me about my work is helping people understand insurance and make an informed decision that works for them.
I grew up in River Oaks, TX and graduated from Castleberry High school in 2009. I’m currently enrolled at TCC.

On my time off, I like to be outdoors with my husband, rock climbing or at the park. I also love to snowboard and fly out to Colorado whenever I can.

I’ve volunteered at a local church to feed the homeless on Thanksgiving and plan to do so with my son very soon.

Laura Rocha

Life insurance Associate Agent

I have been working in the insurance industry for almost 5 years now. I started in the Customer Service department for 2 years and worked as a sales producer for 3 years. I like knowing that we are helping people stay protected.

Personally, I really enjoy spending time with my family.

Carmen Vazquez

Associate Agent

My experience in the insurance industry would be 4 years working as a customer service representative building my way up to a Licensed Sales Producer. I have dealt with so many concerns related to insurance such as claims, rate increases, young drivers, and the list goes on. What makes me more excited to come to work is knowing I’m be helping other to make a difference. I also like when I can make a difference for someone that first came in the office confused or upset and they leave happy and respected.

I was born in California but then moved to Texas, where I was raised. I pretty much was raised in big or go home Texas yall!  I really enjoy taking care of people important needs. Always trying to go out of my way to make someone else’s day.
I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Mostly outdoors or a night out in downtown.

Carolina Fuentes
Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative

What I love about working in the Amaya Premier Agency, is I learn every day, I have the opportunity to contribute to improve the quality of life of people.

I was born in a port located in the Gulf of Fonseca in El Salvador, and I started in the insurance industry when I was just 19.

My family is the greatest gift that God gave me. I am never at home on the weekends, I’m usually on the street doing different things.

Maria Floran

Customer Service Representative 

Angel Saunders

Compliance Specialist 

Claudia Salinas

I started working in the insurance industry back in 2016 and promptly discovered my career. I love customer service and believe its so important to educate our customers about the risks that we are all exposed to and how to protect themselves and their families with the adequate coverage. The most exciting part about my job is meeting all kind of different people with different backgrounds and cultures. My contribution and compromise is educating them on insurance risk and exposures, and letting them know that they are definitely in good hands with Amaya Premier Agency.

I was born in Mexico city, but I spent most of my childhood in a little town in Veracruz. When I was a teenager, I moved to Aguascalientes, and in my twenties, I moved to Guadalajara. I had the opportunity to work for a a big company and travel to many Mexican states. Traveling was my favorite part, and I loved visiting so many beautiful places, trying a variety of delicious food and meeting a lot of people.

I love spending time with my daughters and I really try to be present when I am with them. I’m tremendously blessed to have such an amazing group of friends in my life which is why I spend most of my time outside of work with my family or friends. I also enjoy spending time at Church and I try to get involved in their events as much as possible.

I love cooking all kind of new recipes and enjoy the traditional Mexican food as well, but I also like to go out and try new restaurants and places. I volunteer at my home church when possible. I’m lucky to have caring and compassionate friends, we always find the way to help each other or somebody in need, which brings so much joy to my heart!

Jesus Trejo

My experience so far in the insurance industry has definitely been a great one. I love working with a team and making sure that we take care of all our client’s needs as soon as they step into the office. The most satisfying part of my job is meeting the clients expectations after they trusted us with their needs.

I grew up in Tampico, a city that is part of the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico. I moved to Fort Worth, Texas when I was 8. I attended school in Fort Worth and graduated form Trimble Tech High School.  From there, I went on to obtain my Associates Degree from Tarrant County College, but will soon look into transferring to a University in order to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

I consider myself a huge soccer fan. I am a big fan of the Mexico National Team, Real Madrid and Club America, which I follow and love to watch play. Additionally, I also enjoy video games, these are the two things I’ve practically known my whole life.


Moises Barco

Agency Consultant 

I have had nothing but positive experiences in the insurance industry. I love the amazing feeling you get knowing you made a difference and seeing the look on our customer’s face that shows the sign of relief. Helping people understand the importance & protecting their assets is my way of giving back. My customers can leave my office knowing that their most important assets, which is family, is protected.

I grew up in a small town west of Fort Worth called Weatherford, the Cutting Horse Capital of the World. I graduated from Weatherford High School and got into banking soon after, where I gained 10 years of banking experience before making a turn into the insurance industry.

What I enjoy most in life is being a dad. There is nothing in the world that brings me more joy than being a father to the most beautiful children in the world, MoMo, Jasmyn and Noah.

When I am not at work, I like to find time for myself, which I spend at the gym or outdoors. I love to stay active and fit!

Hilda Ramirez

Samantha Torres

Associate Agent 

I started by career in the insurance industry when I was 19. There are so many details and information that go in to making an educated purchase, and I strive to do that for my customers on insurance.

I was born in a small town in Plant City, Florida. There are strawberry fields everywhere in my small town! My guilty pleasure are my two children, I consider myself very blessed to be a mom. I also love to read ( I consider myself a Marvel fan) and dance, put some Marc Anthony or any other salsa music on and I will be on the dance floor!

On my free time, I enjoy hiking, biking, going to the movie theaters or Drive-ins, and traveling. I’ll spend my weekends on adventures, making memories.