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What Our Customers Say

“I am more than satisfied with my experience at the Amaya agency. They are more than helpful and are always keeping me informed on changes or new offers. ”

Andrew O.

“Was fast and kind worker everyone giving each other a handle and got me a better deal then the other insurance out there very affordable thank y’all. ”

Armando G.

“Initial impression was encouraging. It seems that this office is staffed with knowledgeable people and friendly. At this time, I am satisfied with the service provided and hope that we can extend this business relationship for many years to come. Please ask for feedback in 6 months or 1 year from now. ”

Daniel R.

“I'm very pleased with the service I'm getting from Amaya Premier Agency. Other companies have been trying to get me to go with their services, but I'm satisfied with the service I'm now receiving. I don't have a car but if I did I would probably bundle with Amaya Premier Agency. Thank you so much. ”

Deborah J.

“Every time I need something it is handled promptly and professional, couldn't of asked for a better group to work with ”

Jean S.